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Museum News and Updates

Endowment Funded Boosted by Morrisons’ Gift

As many readers may know, Elizabeth Morrison of Alfred, who contributed so much in service, ideas, knowledge, and effort to the Friends of Alfred Shaker Museum (FASM), died last April. It has since been disclosed that she made the museum’s two-year-old Endowment Fund the beneficiary of her $10,000 life insurance policy. Betty and her husband, Earl Morrison, have both held offices in FASM and have chaired the group’s largest annual fundraiser, an Apple Festival in September, in recent years. This year’s fest, on September 13 and 14, was a great success once again. FASM has been so rewarded by their volunteerism.

Museum Awaits Feedback from Teachers in York

The Friends of Alfred Shaker Museum (FASM) eagerly await feedback from York County school teachers of third through 12th graders about the video FASM produced on the history of the Shaker community in Alfred from 1783 until 1931. Alfred’s Shakers were the root community of Shakers in Maine. They also have been credited with enabling Shakerism to continue to the present time, since the Shakers who left Alfred in 1931 to merge with their fellows at New Gloucester imbued new life in the community there due to their youth and zeal. Three Shakers still live there. The video, done by Westside Audio Visual of New Hampshire, targeted two audiences: visitors to the museum and the area’s schoolchildren. FASM distributed DVDs of it as the school year ended last June to be used in history, civics, English, art, and music classes.

Shaker Museum Slide Show on YouTube

A slide show of Alfred Shaker Museum’s now-annual Simple Gifts concert, held in July, has been posted on YouTube. The concert takes note of the song composed by Shaker Elder Joseph Brackett of Sabbathday Lake’s Shaker community when he visited Alfred in early summer 1848. The concert series was spearheaded by Portland-area violinist and music teacher Andy Happel, and it includes a jam session with some of his students and others who wanted to join in. The series is expected to continue for another eight years, culminating with the song’s 175th anniversary. Greg Hall of the Friends of Alfred Shaker Museum put the slide show together.

Watch the slideshow here:

Shaker Friends to Begin Last Phase of Renovation

The Friends of Alfred Shaker Museum (FASM) expect to begin the last phase of their renovation of a mid-19th century Shaker Carriage House into their museum building at the end of this museum season in November. The work will turn a half-floor on the building’s second level into a library, reading room, and museum office. It is hoped the work will be completed by Fall 2015. The Davis Family Foundation has given FASM a grant for building materials for that renovation and to purchase and install storm and light-filtering windows to protect its collections in other parts of the structure.

Museum Hours:

Museum Hours: 1 PM – 4 PM on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and by appointment.

Closing for the season on November 11.

Admission: Free. Donations are gratefully accepted.

We are dog-friendly. Well-behaved dogs on leash are welcome in our building.

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FASM meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 7 PM at the Alfred Shaker Museum. The public is invited to our meetings (unless announced otherwise).

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